Without the selfless help of a number of friends, mostly cyber friends, this book would have not been made possible. Through their encouragement and actual contribution from their pockets, the project successfully took off in April 2007.

My gratitude and thanks go to the following officials and members of the Overseas Filipino Council (OFC) mailing list: Lauro L. Purcil, Jr. of Quezon City, M.M., Philippines; Dindo Generoso of Australia; and those residing in the United States of America – Anita P. Sese-Schon; Amanda C. Bueno; Nes and Cely Duldulao;  Dr. Eustaquio “Boy” O. Abay II; Dr. Lamberto “Benching” Tan; and Copper “Tumbagang Isda” Sturgeon. One donor asked to be acknowledged as having given help “in the memory of Agripino and Pacita Ibanez.” I give thanks as well to two other members of the OFC who preferred to be “Anonymous”.

In Kuwait where I reside there are those who also contributed to cover the initial printing cost of the book, and I thank them no end: Efren Molina, Jojo Laroya, Henry Esteban, Essie Baldemeca and my niece Vivian C. Santiago. I would like also to express my gratitude to the members/subscribers of the ‘Kuwait Pinoy’ electronic group for their positive response to the publication of my book.

I also give thanks to all my friends and loved ones subscribed to the “Friends of Freda” mailing list for all their emotional support and encouragement most especially to my two sons John Rupert C. Naig and John Fred C. Naig and my sisters Evelyn C. Santiago, Hannah C. Baynosa, Stella Verna C. Dacillo and Pauline Sharon O. Contreras. Specially acknowledged is Evelyn A. Onifa’s help in the facilitation of work with Alex delos Santos of Hiraya Media Arts.

To my faceless friends and supporters subscribed to the various mailing lists – OFW Club, OFW-Kuwait, OFW-Saudi, FilAm Forum, WOWPhilippines Core Group, Moonglow Planet, OFWNetFI, to name a few – I belong to, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

And last but not the least, I thank my husband – Waleed Ahmed Hussain Ali Buhaimed – who has always been with me, loving and supporting me all the way, and giving me hope to go on despite the many odds in life I face.

– Freda Editha O. Contreras


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